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IllitDev, a dynamic and visionary IT firm, is dedicated to transforming technological fantasies into reality. Our highly skilled team is committed to swiftly turning any concept into fruition. Drawing from a wealth of experience across various sectors, our experts take time to intimately comprehend every objective our clients strive to reach or any challenges they're seeking to overcome.

10+ Years Of Development Experience
Experts From Top IT Companies
Low Prices As We Build A Customer Base
No Prepayments Required
Illia Shutieiev
IllitDev Founder

The aim of our company is to provide our clients the best quality they can ever get in the shortest terms it is possible. After the end of the project both our team and client are satisfied and proud of being part of the process.

Illia Shutieiev

Our Skill Level

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists. IllitDev encourages different certificate programs among its employees. Here are the most valuable of them:

Microsoft Azure Developer
AWS Developer
CIW Web Developer
Google Cloud Developer

Early-Stage Start-ups

Are you the visionary behind a cutting-edge early-stage startup? At IllitDev IT, we understand the unique needs, ambitions, and constraints that come with pioneering innovation. Our team is here to provide robust, scalable, and efficient IT solutions that adapt as your startup grows. We offer agile and dynamic tech support that is in tune with your pace, helping you build a strong tech foundation from the ground up. Partner with us to turn your disruptive ideas into reality, and together, we can redefine the future.

Early-Stage Start-ups

Small & Medium Businesses

Running a small or medium-sized business comes with its own set of challenges. It requires focus, agility, and often, wearing multiple hats at once. With IllitDev IT as your strategic partner, you can trust us to handle all your IT needs while you focus on what you do best - running your business. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective IT solutions designed to streamline your operations and drive growth. We are committed to ensuring your technology supports your business objectives, while also being secure, reliable, and scalable. Let us be your trusted IT partner, enabling you to leverage technology for success.

Small & Medium Businesses

Community Organizations

Community organizations are the backbone of society, fostering local engagement and providing invaluable resources. IllitDev IT recognizes the crucial role you play, and we're here to offer tailored IT solutions that enhance your ability to serve your community effectively. We understand that budget constraints can often pose challenges, so we deliver affordable yet powerful IT solutions, ensuring that technology is an enabler, not a barrier. Our team provides reliable, secure, and user-friendly tech support, enabling you to connect, communicate, and collaborate better. Let's work together to strengthen communities using the power of technology.

Community Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IllitDev?

IllitDev is an all-encompassing IT company specializing in software development. We manage the entire process, beginning from strategic planning and consulting, right through to production support.

Why should I choose IllitDev?

Our team is fully committed to the projects we undertake and to understanding their respective domain models. Our goal is to contribute to meaningful projects, enhance them, and deliver significant societal benefits. We pride ourselves on delivering swift, high-quality services.

What services does IllitDev offer?

IllitDev offers a comprehensive suite of software development services, including project management, business analysis, software engineering, quality assurance, design, and more.

Can you describe the organizational structure of IllitDev?

IllitDev operates with complete transparency, ensuring clarity in all our processes for our clients. We offer both outsource services (providing a dedicated team for a specific project) and outstaff services (providing personnel to supplement an existing team). All members of our team undergo rigorous interview processes before their introduction to clients.

Does IllitDev guarantee the quality of its services?

Absolutely, we guarantee the quality of our services. In the event of any issues with our product, we commit to resolving them promptly and at no additional cost.

I have an idea but lack technical expertise. How can IllitDev assist?

No problem at all! We're here to provide comprehensive consultation services in all the areas you need. We'll guide you through every detail, after which you can decide whether to utilize our development services. Rest assured, your idea will remain confidential, and you'll have the option to be as involved in the process as you wish.

Can you explain the payment process at IllitDev?

Our payment process is straightforward: 1. The client reaches out to us via our various contact platforms. 2. We engage in discussions to understand the client's needs and business model. 3. We develop a comprehensive "Definition of Done" based on the client's requirements. 4. We create an initial version of the product and demonstrate it to the client. If there are any concerns, we address them and conduct another demo. 5. Upon client approval, we await payment. 6. Once payment is confirmed, we provide the client with product access, set up the domain name, deploy the product online if needed, and conduct any other necessary tasks.

What payment methods does IllitDev accept?

We accept a variety of online payment methods including SWIFT, PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and cryptocurrency. We're open to discussing other payment methods based on the client's preference.

How does IllitDev handle security and data protection?

At IllitDev, we prioritize the security and privacy of our clients' data. We adhere to the highest industry standards for data encryption, and we implement strict access controls and regular audits to ensure the ongoing security of our systems.

Can IllitDev support my project after its launch?

Absolutely, IllitDev is committed to the long-term success of your project. We offer post-launch support services that include system updates, troubleshooting, user support, and more.

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