Completed tasks:

  • Time estimation and project planning
  • Legacy code analysis
  • Code refactoring
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

IllitDev was given the responsibility to quickly refactor the frontend of the existing Roadmap web platform. The goal of the platform is to efficiently collect customer feedback and manage products. The high-priority project required us to start immediately and deliver quality results within a short timeframe. This case serves as a prime example of our ability to integrate a small team and complete tasks with high efficiency and quality in the shortest possible time. The comprehensive overhaul of the Roadmap web platform involved the following steps:

With time being a critical factor, our team quickly developed an effective plan to streamline the work process and meet the tight deadline.
Time estimation and project planning
We efficiently scrutinized the existing frontend codebase to understand its structure and functionality, aiming to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.
Legacy code analysis
Our team swiftly updated and optimized the codebase using the latest framework versions, enhancing code readability and system performance.
Code refactoring
We carried out meticulous testing to guarantee that the logic of the new system mirrored that of the old system. Any bugs or inconsistencies were quickly identified and resolved.
After delivering the refactored system within the deadline, we have continued to provide ongoing maintenance and support to guarantee the system's optimal performance.

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